Why Me ?

Can a mentor or life coach add meaningful value, help solve problems or enable positive change in our personal lives, our careers, our relationships and our businesses? I would say very definitely, and I wish to offer you that possibility by engaging with my services. But why me, why JustDonal?

The value I deliver is based on an expansive life experience, with a lot of learning and personal development along the way. That includes a personal life and career with many twists and turns, successes and failures. It has involved personal and professional engagement with thousands of people across the world and in many capacities. It is also a product of a career of over 40 years that includes more than 25 as an international executive leader based in 10 different countries and leading teams in 18 others. It involves 7 years as a global customer services consultant working for enterprises, SME’s and startups alike. And in more recent years it involves my working as a mentor and life coach to 5 companies and 50+ individuals.

I apply my life experience, along with continual learning and researching, in helping my clients to help themselves through a process of meaningful and sustainable change. Change where they can be self-aware, be in control, be authentic and can feel a freedom in the choices they make for their personal lives, for their careers, in their relationships and for their businesses.

In terms of enabling positive outcome and results, the best evidence I can offer is through the testimonials and feedback I receive from my clients and the difference they feel it has made in their lives. I have included a number for you to review on my home page and I can offer further clients as reference as required.


So How Can I Help?