Video Voiceover

My first work on a voiceover was in 2013 when my then employer was creating an internal video for a customer conference and their normal US voiced expert was unavailable. As most, hearing my voice was pretty challenging and yet as the video proved a hit with the audience, it was the start of a new area of career for me. For now, I offer my voice as it is in daily life with it’s neutralised Irish accent. It has been described as rich and warm, but you can hear for yourself if you open some of the links I have provided below which include 2 company advertisement voiceovers, 1 company event voiceover, 1 movie trailer voiceover, 1 video acting commercial, 1 directors cut voiceover and acting.

I am generally available on a weeks notice and can arrange pre recordings of scripts using my phone and then have access to a studio as required for final versions when you are ready. I am based in Kuala Lumpur, so the studio costs are about 25% of what they would be in Europe.

Pricing is dependant on the complexity of script and studio requirement. I am happy to give an estimate if you can submit a draft script.

If you would like me to do a test, just send me a script and I will be happy to record a few versions for your consideration and for free! Looking forward to being the voice of your brand or products or services for the future.    

Conference Chairman


Having been a presenter at international service conferences for over 20 years, in 2014 I was asked if I might fill in as chairman of a Telecommunications conference I was attending in London, as he had missed his flight from the US. The event went well and due to the attendee feedback I was asked by the same event management organisation to chair a number of their conferences in London, Dublin and Berlin over the following years. They involved a variety of Vertical business’s including Finance, Insurance, Telco and IT Software. Typically the events were either 2 day or three day events with 100 – 500 attendees.

I am available to act as Chairman for any 1-3 day business events. This would include:

  • Introduction and closing of sessions

  • Introduction of speakers

  • Facilitating workshops and table meetings

  • Hosting panel discussions

  • Interviewing guests and experts

  • Attending and hosting evening social events

Fees are based on event requirements, preparation of materiels and travel costs.

Event Presenter / Speaker

My first major industry event presentation was in Atlanta, Georgia at a Call Centre conference in 1992. Since then, I have been presenting regularly at both internal company and external business events. The engagements have varied from technical presentations to motivational speeches to panel discussions and I have delivered keynote addresses at major conferences in the US and in Australia. I am pretty flexible in terms of the topics I can cover and the audiences I can inspire, but it is helpful if the topic is one to which I would be familiar and comfortable.

If you would like me to come and speak at an event, I would be happy to do so, assuming reasonable notice. I am equally comfortable doing short talks, keynote speeches or panel engagements.

Assuming mutual value from publicity of the event, any fees would be based on the level of preparation work and travel expenses. 

DC in presentation mode